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Company Name - My Canine Coach, Inc.
Association of 
professional Dog TrainersIf you haven't already seen this it is the cutest thing, an adult dog teaches a puppy how to go up and down the stairs
Some of the most popular female dog names are...
Maggie, Molly, Lady, Daisy and Lucy. 
Jake, Max, Buddy, Bear and Lucky are among some of the most popular male dog names. 

Just got back from the APDT conference
Great speakers, classes, demos, there's always
more to learn and learn I did! 

Did you know....?
The average cost of owning a dog over his lifespan is $13,750.00
There are an estimated 400 million dogs worldwide.
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Pit Bull Rescue - New York Bully Crew
The New York Bully Crew is a dog rescue group and has set out to change the false belief that Pit Bulls are all vicious dogs. They also have many beautiful dogs ready to be adopted. Get on the New Y...
The most dogs ever owned by one person was 5000 mastiffs, Kubla Khan was the proud owner.
The earliest images of dogs were cave paintings found in Spain some 12,000 years ago.
The fastest dog on earth is the Greyhound, he can run 45 mph.
The most popular dog in England is the Labrador Retreiver                                                            

                                                                                             Such a good, sweet boy.
                                                                                             Hope you're running once again
Harley, best dog ever