My Canine Coach Dog Training - Training Methods - Plainview, NY
Company Name - My Canine Coach, Inc.
I am a family dog dog trainer. I know how you feel about your pets because I am a dog lover first and a dog trainer second. That is why I will train your dog and teach you to train your dog, using kind, gentle, force free methods with effective and rewarding outcomes. Together we will find what motivates your dog and what he considers a rewarding paycheck. Both you and your dog will build a strong bond and will have fun during and after the training process. The result will be a well behaved, well mannered and much loved member of your family.
Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Works
Positive Reinforcement, Reward Based, Force Free dog training is my methodology. I believe that any dog can learn if he is positively motivated to do so.  Look at it in terms we humans understand. Adults work for a paycheck, for the praise of a boss and for the happiness of themselves and their family.  Students strive to do well in school for good grades and the praise of a teacher. Children do chores for an allowance, a special toy, an earned privilege and to please their parents. We all work for rewards of many types. How many of us would go to work if we didn’t get ‘rewarded’ with a paycheck or if our boss consistently reprimanded us or forced us to do something? How easy would it be for students to learn if the teacher slapped them with a ruler or yelled if they didn’t get the answer right [let’s hope and pray that no longer happens, I just used it to illustrate a point]? How willingly would our children do what we ask them to do if there wasn’t something good in store for them. Sure, we might be able to work under those negative conditions because we have to, but it would take us much longer to learn or to do our jobs and we would most certainly not be as effective or happy.
Now let’s look at it in terms our dogs understand as it is not much different for them. It would be very difficult for our dogs to `work’ at learning anything if they were afraid of being forced or painfully physically corrected if they made a mistake. Do we want our dogs to learn and obey because they are afraid of the consequences, or do we want our dogs to learn and obey because they are looking forward to and are eager to please us and earn their reward. So what is their paycheck, what would make them eager and happy to learn?   Most dogs will be highly motivated to go to work for some very tasty treats. Some dogs will work for a favorite toy or bone while others are motivated to work for a good game of fetch or tug, or a good belly rub.
Together we will find what that motivation is for your dog, there could be several.  We will tune into and use that to make your dog training journey successful, rewarding and fun.

Your and your dog are a team, let me be your Long Island Certified Dog Trainer and coach you to be a winning team !